Manburger Surgical

"The tricks in this Brooklyn group's satchel of lunatic sound(s) provokes something more than romantic idealism, more than sappy emotion. And whatever that sensation is, whatever you want to name it, it kicks you in the eustachian tubes and bursts through your alimentary canal like the finest Punk of old. These 'songs' are an interconnected cornucopia of drones, blasts and spurious chatters from what can only be imagined as ankle-biting robotic court jesters fed up with their creators."

-- Kotori Magazine

"They are a must see for anyone into sheer weirdness and a happy dose of what the f*ck"

-- Nitetrotter Magazine

"Dense yet open space clouds of psychedelic rock. A kaleidoscope of instruments ... that shift and thread a tapestry of dark colorful sound collages. "

-- WTF Music